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Paul Cutright

Paul Cutright Fine Art Photography

Weaverville, NC


Paul is an accomplished fine art photographer and earned a BFA in Fine Art Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1973, graduating with honors.

His work has been published in magazines and books, exhibited in galleries and hangs in private homes. He has worked professionally as a wedding photographer, studio photographer and editorial photographer.

Paul is also a relationship expert and bestselling author along with his wife and creative partner, Layne. Together Paul and Layne have led relationship success, communication and conflict resolution workshops all over the world.

Paul also facilitates breakthrough programs for groups using powerful physical metaphors for accomplishing the seemingly impossible, e.g., firewalking, steel rebar bending and board and brick breaking.

Artist Statement

“Art is not a thing; it is a way.” Elbert Hubbard

Beauty is where we find it and subject much more to our state of mind and perception than any objective condition.

We co-habit a common world, that according to our senses, appears to be pre-given. I believe that world, however, is not THE world, it is only a world; a world that persists largely due to our own unexamined conditioned social agreement.

The truth, which perhaps we all sense intuitively, is that we live in a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted world that is brought forth, moment by moment, by our own attitudes, interpretations, preconceptions and recurrent conversations. Just beyond the invisible veil of our own certainty, lie many other worlds, just as “real” as the common, familiar, agreed upon one we see and take for granted every day.

My work is meant to present the familiar in a slightly (or not so slightly) unfamiliar way. An intention of my work is to challenge the viewer’s assumptions about what is real, beautiful and valuable.

I want to touch that place in the viewer that knows, in their heart of hearts, that the world is not quite exactly as it seems. My desire is to produce images that evoke feelings of mystery, wonder and surprised recognition that open the possibility, if even for a moment, that our existence is subject, much more than we realize, to the power of our Spirit and inspired imagination.

I believe that beauty, whatever that might be for you, is as essential for nurturing the human spirit as healthy food is to the physical body.



Pickin' and Fiddlin' on the Porch by Paul Cutright


Pond in Winter by Paul Cutright


Forest Buddha by Paul Cutright


Here Comes the Sun by Paul Cutright


Ascending Floral Abstract by Paul Cutright


Last Leaves of Fall by Paul Cutright


Miracle Staircase by Paul Cutright


Glowing Buddha by Paul Cutright


Damanhur Door by Paul Cutright


Venus Occultation 6-12 by Paul Cutright


Into the Sun by Paul Cutright


Smiling Buddha by Paul Cutright


Fire Shaman by Paul Cutright


Peonie by Paul Cutright


Big Cloud by Paul Cutright


Los Alamos Sunset by Paul Cutright


Almond Blossoms by Paul Cutright


Passage by Paul Cutright


Kailua Beach 3 by Paul Cutright


Kailua Beach 2 by Paul Cutright


Kailua Beach 1 by Paul Cutright


Emergence by Paul Cutright


Sunrise Springs by Paul Cutright


Fiji Magic by Paul Cutright


Dragon's Lair by Paul Cutright


Two Koi Cruising by Paul Cutright


Serene Sunset by Paul Cutright


Chinese Lanterns by Paul Cutright


Tibetan Prayer Flags Outside My Office at Sundown by Paul Cutright


Heavenly Flower by Paul Cutright


Scattered Clouds at Sunset by Paul Cutright


Ghost Fish by Paul Cutright


Santa Fe Summer Sky with Double Rainbow by Paul Cutright


Chloe in Winter Window by Paul Cutright


Iris in Silver Pitcher by Paul Cutright


Black-eyed Susans and Adobe by Paul Cutright


Pink Peonie by Paul Cutright


Old Adobe with Roses by Paul Cutright


Iris Unfolding by Paul Cutright


Purple Orchid by Paul Cutright